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Women Leading
in Life & Business
10-Week Virtual Group Course


Building a solid foundation
for women to grow and prosper
as resilient, creative, powerful leaders
in all areas of life.

This course allows women to claim their unique inherent powers, talents, and gifts move into a broader definition of success that aligns goals to support their personal values and desires. 

Women working together in small groups have a 500% greater success rate.

Participants can expect to

  • Gain deeper passion and commitment to work and themselves.

  • Feel more confidence, initiative, and adaptability.

  • Get clear and create actions that balance multiple life roles and self-care.

  • Gain a broader vision of their potential as a leader in life, business, and community. 

Next Courses  
October 2 - December 13, 2023
January 15 - March 18, 2024

How It Works

This targeted mentoring / coaching group course for small groups and teams consists of simple pre-course assessments, virtual weekly team meetings, weekly lessons to view and complete; several 1:1 private strategy sessions; and a private group for daily use by the course participants.  

Gradient Ocean

10-Week Course Includes:

Women Leading 10-Week Course Includes: 

Pre-course Start Up Survey & Assessments

  • Life Satisfaction Ratings

  • Professional Satisfaction Ratings

  • Time Pie

(1) 45-Minute Intention Setting Session

During course:

Personal Values Exploration

(10) 60-minute group coaching sessions

(3 - 4) Bi-weekly 30-45 minute private coach/mentor sessions

(1) Private 45-minute Strategy Closing Session

(9) Weekly Lessons

(9) Homework Assignments

Private WhatsApp Group

Various tools, worksheets, guided visualizations

Art / Creative based tools and explorations

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Debbie's Testimonial

“I loved everything about this group! The new way of thinking with tools that I never got from the mega amount of growth practices & courses I’ve already done. This was a new and exciting way to bring more peace and calm into daily life for the long term. The daily accountability of the group was a big deal. Checking in every day reinforced my commitment to myself!” - Debbie Hudzik – Lotus Travel Company

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