Work with me one-on-one and in groups via phone or video. Find out if we’re a good fit for each other in a No Cost / No Obligation Discovery Consult (phone or video). If we choose to work together we will mutually determine the best structure for you. To ensure you get the best results your initial commitment is three sessions per month for 3 months.
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Are we meant to work together? Find out in this 30 minute phone conversation. You’ll talk about why you reached out to me. I’ll share ideas and tools with you. At the end of the conversation, if it feels right to both of us, we’ll talk about a coaching relationship.

No Cost / No Obligation




Simple pre-session query to ensure you get the most from the consult​.


45-minute phone conversation to explore your options.


Ideas, tools or actions to move you forward.


Energy & Emotional Alignment

Coaching Package

This foundational experience coaching Positive Intelligence course combines body awareness, conscious breathwork, energy clearing concepts and tools that dramatically accelerate your ability to sustain positive energy. This proven process is designed to strengthen your clarity, confidence, and commitment and prepares you to choose what happens in your life rather than just responding to whatever comes your way.

*One payment / 2 payments $495


Start Up Intentions Guide

Energy Alignment Assessment 

(4) 45-minute coaching sessions

Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Course with app

Optional:  Targeted expressive art explorations



Coaching Package

Claiming who you are boosts confidence, calms your inner critic, simplifies decision making, and significantly reduces anxiety and stress. My proven Meaning, Momentum, and Mastery Process connects you to what lights you up; provides an personalized Tool Box of resonant tools, and prepares you to do or handle anything life brings your way.

*One payment / 3 payments $715



Start Up Intentions Guide

Energy Alignment Assessment 

Personal Values Exploration

(1) 90-minute start-up session

(8) 45-minute coaching sessions

Phone and email access outside sessions

Whole Heart ToolBox

Targeted expressive art explorations

Optional: Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Course with app


Two years ago I decided to invest in life coaching. I am so happy that I did! My life is better in so many ways! Paula helped me grow my business, gain in confidence, and actually be able to relax on my down time. Not only am I now doing FANTASTIC! I highly recommend Paula as a life coach. You have no idea how great your life can be and how well you will be doing next year!! - Dr. Amy Shumway

Paula is an enlightened and enlightening coach. Intuitive, challenging and compassionate, Paula has been my coaching partner for over ten years, and she has championed me personally and professionally, daring me to take risks, to transform, to thrive. In the time I have known her, she has also discovered the joy of creating art and sharing her impressive gift as a powerful tool for healing. I feel such enormous gratitude to have received the benefit of Paula’s amazing talents and skills.

- Lesly Fredman

The key element for me in working with Paula is her unfailing sense of ease.  Even when cautioning or redirecting me in the personal coaching work we do together, it never feels tense or uncomfortable.  She has a way of being able to say things so I can hear what she is trying to get me to see, think, do.  Maybe it is because she seems to be suggesting things for my consideration versus pointing out what is wrong and what needs to be done or changed.  And in the end, it does feel like I am finding myself and learning to trust in that. - Lin Sheppard