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Spark Collaboration, Deepen Connections, and Let Your Light Shine.
(No artistic talent or experience needed.)

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Spark Team Collaboration 

Even the best teams need an occasional shake-up. As the pressure to achieve gets bigger feelings of frustration and burnout build up. Changes in the team’s goals, leaders, or members shift the dynamic. A pattern of carrying the load for others gets ingrained. And team members sometimes feel like squabbling family members. How do you get everyone back on track? Collective art experiences quickly reveal creative new options and perspectives. •Break through team dynamics that aren't working. •Reset connection, respect, and confidence among team members. •Provide instant relief from anxiety, stress, worry, judgement and fear. •Boost creativity, collaboration, and commitment to each other and the team's success. This revitalization reveals new options and perspectives to address challenges or goals, especially when traditional methods aren’t working.


Stand Out & Boost Connection at Events

Quickly deepen connection and trust among attendees and make your organization or group stand out by offering an unforgettable art experience at your meeting, retreat, or social event. No artistic experience or talent is needed. By emphasizing the art experience as a tool for self-discovery and social connection, these small bursts of creativity: •Ignite imagination •Cultivate mindfulness •Boost self-confidence •Rejuvenate energy •Foster respect, trust, and inclusion

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Shine Your Creative Light

WOW your guests with a fun, playful art experience they will never forget. The shared exhilaration and pride of creating a beautiful painting is rejuvenating, and lights a creative spark that many of us have been longing for. Everyone leaves with a one-of-a-kind art piece they will treasure forever. Birthday celebrations, parties, girls’ nights, wedding appreciation, and mother / daughter art experiences are just a few of the ways to playfully create lifelong memories for you and your loved ones. No artistic talent or experience needed!

"Paula's watercolor studios are my quarterly self-care. We come together to create beautiful art in a safe, cozy atmosphere and support one another's outer expression of inner creativity. If you have not painted before, she makes painting fun and accessible to beginners."


- Lisa M. Ong, PCC, CPA

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