"Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope." - Brene Brown

About the Artist...


Paula Holland paints from the heart, in an enthusiastic, whimsical style.

She is a growing artist and evolving entrepreneur, who also happens to be a breast cancer survivor, professional life coach, award winning author, and inspirational speaker. A health crisis and her own healing journey inspired her return to watercolor painting six years ago.


Her early creative interests included drawing and painting (mostly acrylic), along with ceramics, textiles and silversmithing. She earned a Visual Arts BFA from the University of Kansas.

Paula's Artist Statement


All of my paintings are inspired from something that resonates in my heart. I paint because creative expression feeds my soul and maintains my sanity. It shuts down my busy brain and allows the rejuvenating spark inside me to come out and play, allowing me to move in today’s chaotic world with a modicum of peace.


Watercolor calls to me because no matter how hard I try it can’t really be controlled. Kind of like life.


I’ve learned to love the surprises that come when water and paint meet paper. They are much more interesting than what my eyes actually see.


I’m a better person living a better life since I started painting. The things I’ve learned from painting have become profound life lessons.

Paula Holland

Award Winning Artist


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