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Hi.  I'm Paula Holland.

Award-winning author and artist, Women's Mental Fitness Mentor & Coach, motivational speaker and 20+ year breast cancer survivor, known for expertise in bringing heart-based joy, passion, and purpose to anyone's life.

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Filling your life
with vitality and meaning
is my life's work.

My desire is that you gain permission to finally be yourself without the expectations or obligations of others limiting you.


That you embrace your ability to say NO and set boundaries gracefully, and make choices that  energize, nourish, and grow you.

That you nurture your connections to the people who matter most to you. Do and see all the things you’ve longed for. That all your days are filled with choices that light you up and honor who you are and what you stand for.

My hope is that you will choose this for yourself. You’ve earned it.


It’s your time now.

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This matters to me because ...

After surviving cancer 20+ years ago my need to create purpose, joy, peace, and wellness became urgent and undeniable. It was time to claim the right to be ME. Reconnecting with my creative spark opened the door for taking my life back. 

My post cancer “midlife crisis /spiritual awakening” gave me the courage to leave the corporate world of advertising / marketing behind and get trained as a life coach. After ten years pioneering the then newly emerging field of cancer coaching life my life changed again with the diagnosis of anorexia and PTSD.


I had no choice but to learn to put myself first, make self-care a priority, and find ways of living that nourished me rather than depleted me.

You can do the same.

Are you ready to honor the joyful, creative, energetic, passionate, wholehearted divine female who lives in your heart and soul and is ready to come out and play?

A sampling of my clients ...


Broward Health Systems · Women's Healthcare Executive Network · Aventura Comprehensive Cancer Center · Baptist Health Systems · Florida Breast Cancer Foundation · Oncology Nursing Society · Florida Marlins

· Leukemia Lymphoma Society · SOS (Save Our Sisters) Dragon Boat Team · Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative · Memorial Breast Centers

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