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Are You On
The Right Path?

Virtual Workshop
Saturday 11/4/23
10 am - Noon 

Author the Next Chapter of Your Life (The One Where You Like Yourself and Love Your Life)

In This Workshop You Will: 

Claim things that light you up, dreams yet to come true, and the contribution your whole life has been preparing you for. 


Strengthen your connection and commitment to your truest self and confidently choose what's next for your life. 

This Workshop Is for You If:

You long for more fun and joy.

You lack enthusiasm and drive.

You know there is something more you are meant to be doing.

It is challenging to be proud of your accomplishments.

You want to feel confident about your choices for the future.

Step Onto the Path Leading to Where You've Always Been Meant to Go.

Step One: 

Guided contemplation of your life uses intuition to explore how your life experiences have prepared you to contribute on a soul level. 

Part Two:

Capture your insights using a simple, creative debrief process and claim your accomplishments and life purpose.

Part Three: 

Expand your vision of what's possible and create aligned intentions and accountability to move into action. 


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