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Are you a 50+ woman who knows
there is meant to be more in your life?

What's Next For My Life Coaching Can Help. 

Claim LifeLong Emotional Freedom Now!

All the negative emotions you experience are caused by subconscious “Saboteurs” in your mind. You never know it’s happening. 

Take the First Step
FREE Assessment Reveals Exactly
How You Sabotage Yourself

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Your Wise Future Self invites you to explore your dreams and desires

Get Guidance from someone you can trust - your Wise Elder Future Self!

Wise Elder Future Self Guided Contemplation


Hi, I'm Paula 

You have everything you need to claim your own passion, vitality, and joy inside you right now.

I can show you how.

What Clients are Saying

"Due to my coaching with Paula I reached my goal of knocking it out of the park in a job interview and getting the job of my dreams. Paula's approach of removing the saboteur self-talk is effective and life changing."

Jeanine Cogan, Executive Coach

“The group conversations were so helpful. Someone would say something that triggered an insight I never would have thought of. And having a direct line to the other participants anytime made it so easy to support each other. It really helped me see where I was sabotaging myself.”

Heather C.

“I hired Paula as my coach because I’ve been feeling stuck in my job for a while, and overcoming a serious illness made giant life vision feel totally stuck. Paula’s coaching gave me a gentle shove out the door, helping heal my emotions and manage my energy I am now confident and hopeful, with a sense of myself as grounded with deep roots and branches high up. Thanks, Paula for the gift of being heard and knowing I am on the right path!”

Sonya Tittle, Coach / Speaker / Trainer

“Paula encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and into the zone of getting the results that I want for my business and my personal life. After all, it is all about balance in work and life. She is very gifted at drawing out ideas and inspiring me.  I trust her completely which allows me to go all the way without holding myself back. I would recommend her to anyone looking for inspiration, encouragement, guidance and most importantly - RESULTS.”

Kerry Marraffino

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