Are you a 50+ woman who knows
there is meant to be more in your life?

Shut down
that naysaying inner voice
who says it's not possible!

Stop Sabotaging Yourself Mini Course

Get Guidance 
from someone you can trust - 
your Wise Elder Future Self!

Wise Elder Future Self Guided Contemplation

Hi, I'm Paula 

I spent years doing self-help work, reading books, doing alternative therapies, trying lots of personal growth experiences, and looking to others to find my way back to being healthy and happy.


I finally looked inside myself for answers, hearing my heart’s wisdom more than my brain’s dramatic, judgmental, naysaying voices. I began listening to my body and taking better care of myself. Saying NO and setting boundaries. Making choices based on what was best for me. And the answers and opportunities I needed began to appear.


The simple paradigm shift of listening to my heart changed everything. Today my life flows, I trust my ability to handle whatever life throws at me, and I feel more healthy, vital, and fulfilled than ever before. 

You have everything you need to claim your own passion, vitality, and joy inside you right now.

I can show you how.


"Have the courage

to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know

what you truly want to do and become.

Everything else is secondary."

– Steve Jobs

I believe that you know in your heart that there is more meant for YOU in this lifetime.


You know that at this point in your life nurturing yourself, maintaining energy and vitality, and creating ease and flow in day to day life can keep you feeling young and healthy.

Living creatively and being true to yourself will keep you happier and healthier than anything else.

So I ask you, honestly,

Do you feel tired and drained a lot?

Has putting everyone else's needs before your own become normal for you?    

Is your inner critic telling you’re not doing or being enough?

Have the demands that used to fill your days gone away?

Do you procrastinate or feel frustrated when your good intentions and efforts don’t bring the results you expect?

My growth groups and Energy Alignment Coaching can give you your life back.  I believe in you, and I know that if I can do this so can you. Book your Life Energy Alignment Consult now!