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Life coaching packages, groups, and courses are designed to

boost energy and create ease and flow in daily life.

HeaRt, ARt & Soul Connection Coaching & groups


"Paula's Soul Wisdom group was just incredible! She is so intuitively talented and genuinely interested in supporting others on a journey of heart wisdom. The cards reveal truths in a way that makes it easier to see 'what's next for our life'. Thank you Paula, excited to learn more at future events." – Debbie Hudzik

"I needed to unleash myself as I was feeling stuck in the mud. Paula, just helped me discover my little light that wanted to get out and shine. I am forever grateful for meeting and working with this beautiful soul.  I wish you much success, Paula dear."

- Katherine McDonald

Art & Soul by Paula

Original watercolor and mixed media art. Coming soon - on demand glycee prints, greeting cards and apparel.

motivational Speaker & educator

Humorous, passionate, and totally authentic,  thought provoking messages earn the highest ratings from clients and their audiences. 


"“Paula brings a whole hearted,
loving energy to our events and
retreats. I highly recommend her to
people or organizations who want to
support and inspire their community.”
- Claudia Aguirre,
Founder, Lotus Survival Foundation

“Paula’s presentation at Ignite was amazing. I was immediately engaged and wanted to hear more about the story she was telling. She is a dynamic speaker that I would recommend highly.” – Nancy Chisholm, Business Development Consultant and Coach

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